Hosted Exchange

Get cloud-based Microsoft Exchange business email

Henson Technologies offers a full-featured Exchange mailbox service for email, calendar, contacts, task lists and resource mailboxes that will help your office be even more productive.

  • Business-grade email, shared calendars and shared contacts
  • Desktop and mobile compatibility - sync your data across all your devices
  • Extend mobility to smartphones and tablets on any OS
  • McAfee-powered virus and spam protection
  • Free migration of your current email boxes
  • 99.999% uptime

Exchange 2013 makes employees more effective. Our cloud makes exchange 2013 worry-free.


Henson Technologies hosted Exchange 2013 offers exciting new features that improve the way you do business. This includes a simplified calendar interface, integration with LinkedIn and Facebook, email extensibility for embedded maps and more.

  • Meetings are simpler to compose and schedule on any device
  • Contacts sync with LinkedIn, Facebook and other services while preventing duplicates
  • Fast searching, phonetic search, and nickname search for your contacts
  • Email applications like Bing Maps and LinkedIn and more available from a new app marketing place and make emails more impactful


Our Worry-Free cloud offers 99.999% service level agreement uptime, simplified administration, and granular control over your cloud environment. Every account gets expert, complimentary migration and onboarding. We also offer superior 24/7/365 email and phone support.

The cloud saves capital and cuts expenses

There’s no need to purchase servers, license software, or spend weeks building or upgrading your infrastructure. Your expenses become predictable per-user monthly fees.

Exchange 2013 improves your growth potential

Henson Technologies hosted Exchange 2013 provides the email platform your employees need to extend your potential for growth. It delivers a Worry-Free Experience that lets you maintain your competitive edge—now and into the future.