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On-Site Tech Support

Discounted hourly rates when combined with our Remote Monitoring & Management package! 

In addition to our Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM), we offer same-day, on-site tech support*. Our on-site tech support covers all of your technical needs. We offer discounted hourly rates (30% off) and zero trip charges for our RMM clients.

Same-Day On-Site Support:

RMM Clients: $84 per hour, no trip charges

Non-RMM Clients: $120 per hour, $25 trip charge

Sign up for our RMM package for as little as $99 per month to keep your office optimized and to reduce the need for on-site support. When on-site support is needed, take advantage of our discounted hourly rates / zero trip charges for RMM members!


*We strive to offer same-day, on-site support for office emergencies by prioritizing critical issues within our tech team. While our best effort will be made regarding emergencies, situations may arise where we cannot arrive until the next business day.

Call us at 623-349-4815 or fill out the form to be contacted ASAP

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