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ShareSync Cloud Backup & Collaboration

ShareSync™: Our business-grade file sync and share service

Easy, intuitive sharing and syncing


  • 10GB, 100GB, or unlimited cloud storage per user
  • Sync files and folders across every device
  • Share with recipients both inside and outside the company
  • Keep content secure with permissions-based sharing and comprehensive security features
  • Assure reliability with a 99.999% SLA

Improve collaboration and mobility, keep content secure and protected

Sync files and folders across every device

  • Every file change automatically syncs to all ShareSync devices
  • Syncing happens automatically, behind the scenes, the moment a file modification occurs
  • Offers desktop and mobile access to content on any device
  • ShareSync apps available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
  • Content also accessible through any web browser

Share with recipients both inside and outside the company

  • Leverages your customers’ corporate address books for easy sharing
  • Recipients can access content even if they don’t have ShareSync installed
  • Users can set sharing permissions to control access privileges—and change them at any time
  • Sub-folders can be shared with different permissions than parent folders
  • Windows plugins integrate ShareSync functionality directly into Outlook and Office

Keep content secure and protected


  • Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit and with an additional account-specific unique security key
  • Content protection features guard against accidental deletion or version conflict
  • Permissions and access are strictly controlled and easily amended at any time
  • ShareSync data on lost or stolen devices can be wiped remotely
  • Reliability is assured with a 99.999% financially backed SLA

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